10 Nov 2018 Fukuoka-planned

Teruya Jidai (1974-1977) 2018 Fukuoka Reunion Planned for Saturday, 10 November 2018

Our RM brothers and sisters living in Japan are holding a reunion Saturday, 10 November 2018, to be held at the Fukuoka Ward, which is located a few blocks from the Fukuoka Temple. As in the past for reunions held in Japan, a Temple session is also an option. Below are details. This may be your chance to travel back to Japan, see some dodes and friends, and check that off your bucket list! If you have (dode or friend) contact information, you should reach out to them yourself!  If you plan to attend or have any questions, please contact Ichikawa Akira directly through our Site. (English is ok.), or Contact Us.

Admin Note: I'm assuming that Fukuoka was chosen due to the fact that: 1) Tokyo Temple is closed through 2020, and 2) a great number of Teruya RMs are from Kyushu; Fukuoka is much closer for travel for them.

仙台伝道部照屋時代の帰還宣教師の皆様 Dear all Sendai Mission Teurya Era RMs:
How's it going, everyone?
We had a great time at our last reunion held in conjuction with Sapporo Temple dedication
We've planned our next reunion as outlined below
Time: Saturday, 10 November 2018
4:30-8:30PM -ish
Place: Fukuoka Ward
Cost (includes dinner): 2,000 yen (international guests are free/exempt, 1,000 yen for family members > 2)
Dress: tbd (assume business casual)
Address: 〒810-0022 Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi, Chūō-ku, Yakuin, 4 Chome−10−7
(for those who wish to attend) Fukuoka Temple endowment session schedule
(Saturday (10th)): 7:40, 9:10, 10:40, 12:10, 13:40
(for those who wish to attend) Sacrament meeting on Sunday (11th) at Fukuoka Ward -10AM
Please help us spread the word and RSVP asap so we can plan food quantities. 
We're looking forward to seeing everyone!
Organizers: Iwanaga Haruyuki, Ohyama Nakakatsu, Ichikawa Akira
宿泊: Accomodations:




なお、福岡市内で何か大きなイベントがあるらしく、市内のビジネスホテルが軒並みいっぱいになっています。お世話役の人は7月初めごろにBooking.com 経由で古門戸 コモンド - ホステル & バー という空いているホステルを押さえました。

(7/13) A limited number of temple housing slots have opened up for 10 Nov. Please contact us immediately if you're interested.

Bro./ Sis. Shiki (Ishibashi Choro) are offering their home for accomodating up to around 10 people. If those spots fill up, they can clean up another room for 4 more people. Estimated cost is 3,400 yen ($33), to allow for futon rental and trip to "super sentou" public bath.

If demand exceeds 14, a ward member has offered "home stay" accomodations.

We understand there must be some big event in Fukuoka the same weekend, so hotel rooms are mostly full. Accordingly, homestay may be the best option. Hotels.com or booking.com are best bets.

If you need assistance, contact Ichikawa Akira directly through our Site or Contact Us .

Planning to attend  (as of 07 Nov 2018) 出席名簿 (11月07日現在)(ABC側):

1 Ashimine 安次嶺 Shukei 嶺主 choro
2 Dalton (McQuarrie) Marilee shimai
3 Fuji 藤 Kazutaka 和隆 choro
4 Fukuda (Kondo)福田(近藤) Tachiko 多美子 shimai
5 Fukunaga 福永 Toshimichi 智光 choro
6 Fukuyama 福山 Kenji 健司 choro
7 Furuhara 古原 Isao 勲 choro
8 Ichikawa 市川 Akira 明 choro
9 Inagaki (Taneda) Toshiko shimai
10 Ishibashi (Shiki) 石橋(志喜) Teruo 良雄 choro
11 Ito (Fujisaki) 井藤(藤崎) Toshiko 敏子 shimai
12 Iwanaga 岩永 Haruyuki 晴幸 choro
13 Kanemoto (Nagahama) 金本(長浜) Junko 順子 shimai
14 Kawakami (Tsuchida) 川上(土田) Fukiko ふき子 shimai
15 Kido 城戸 Michiko 美千子 shimai
16 Kimura 木村 Yoriko 頼子 shimai
17 Mizunoya (Shitami) 水野谷(志民)  Sachiko 幸子 shimai
18 Ogaard Todd choro
19 Okamoto 岡本 Yoshihiko 芳彦 choro
20 Ooishi (Takeda) 大石(武田) Tamako玉子 shimai
21 Oono 大野 Toshiro 敏郎 choro
22 Ooyama 大山 Nakakatsu 中勝 choro
23 Senba 仙波 Harumichi 晴道 choro
24 Shiki 志喜 Toshiko 敏子 shimai
25 Suzuki (Yuasa) 鈴木(湯浅) Tomiko 富子 shimai
26 Takashima 高嶋  Toshiro 俊郎 choro
27 Tamashiro(Kawajo) 玉城(川門) Natsuko 夏子 shimai
28 Tashiro (Sasaki) 田代(佐々木) Satsuki さつき shimai
29 Ueno 上野 Toshiyuki 敏幸 choro
30 Yamaguchi (Asakura) 山口 ( 淺倉) Nobuko 信子 shimai
31 Yamazaki 山崎 Tsukasa 司 choro
32 Yoshimura 吉村 Nobuyuki 信之 choro
"Maybe"  for Fukuoka Reunion (may be able to come at last minute):
Nagano b 
Taguchi b

Too Expensive? November is relatively inexpensive for airfare from the US in my experience. Here is the round trip fare as of 21 Oct on Delta (the fares have been fluctuating by ~$700  for SLC-TYO in recent weeks) using Nov 6-13 dates, which have dropped to an incredible $697:


Admin Note: I'm flying in/out of Haneda and adding a JR Rail Pass (7 days of unlimited travel for ~$275), so I can travel freely to Tohoku or wherever on bullet trains before/after reunion. See the Japan Travel Tips section or contact me directly using the 'contact us' link if you have questions about travel.

Travel within Fukuoka? Fukuoka Ward meetinghouse is about 15 minutes walk from the Temple, or 5 minutes by car/taxi.  From the JR Hakata station, the main eki in Fukuoka, the Ward is about 15 minutes by car/taxi, and the Temple is about 20 minutes. Map  Fukuoka has subways, and a 20-30 minute ride is possible from the station to the meetinghouse, but such a ride requires transfers and walking between stations--a taxi is recommended. Contact Us with questions of any kind-there is no such thing as a dumb question.