Douglas G. Belliston

Profile Updated: October 7, 2018
Mission Start Year: 1975
Now Residing In: Layton, UT USA
Spouse/Partner: Anita
Occupation/Retired?: University Controller, Brigham Young University
Children/Grandchildren: We have 4 children, equally gender-split, and 12 grandchildren-5 boys and 7 girls, though two granddaughters More…have died as a result of an accident. We miss them dearly.
Areas Served (including start & end dates (MM/YY)): Companions: (try your best-as memories fade, this info helps everyone link names and places-consult your journal-thanks!) (月/年):伝道地(開始日、終了日を含む)(同僚)

Overall May 1975 - May 1977
05/75-07/75 Hawaii LTM (Gilbert-headed to a southern Japan mission)
07/75-09/75 Sendai Shibu (Kiser)
09/75-04/76 Aomori East (Mutaguchi, Tomiyami)
04/76-06/76 Hirosaki (Lovell)
06/76-10/76 Sendai Shibu (Kadlec, Koyle. Ogaard, Fielding)
10/77-01/77 Sendai Zone (Otteson, Alconcel, Chapman)
01/77-03/77 Akita Zone (Mutaguchi, Jones, Clark)
04/77-05/77 Hombu (McArthur, Jones)

Mission Story:

My favorite story is arriving in Aomori East, dropping my bags and being told to, "quick come to the kitchen, we are catching rats!" That became a near nightly ritual until missionaries moved from that old house to a very modern apartment a month or two later.

Another favorite story is not really mine but I have told it often to describe the love and patience President had for us missionaries. Despite his efforts to avoid temptation, one elder had been coaxed to ride a member's gleaming new motorcycle. At a mission taiki soon thereafter, the President interviewed each missionary, and spent a little extra time with one.
President: Elder, how many missionaries are authorized to ride motorcycles in the mission?
Missionary: I don't know sir.
President: Just one. That missionary is me. Now, you won't let me hear of any other missionaries riding motorcycles will you Elder?
Missionary: No sir.

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