Next Reunion?次のリユニオン?

Mark the Date For Zoom Reunion December 3rd! 
Teruya RMs who live in Japan have set up a virtual Zoom Reunion for Friday Dec 3, 2021 (6PM MT (8PM ET, 7PT CT, 5PM PT, 3PM HT, 日本時間12月4日(土)午前10時). Their planned in-person reunion in Tokyo is still on covid hold, pending the Tokyo Temple reopening, but after the sucessful trial run Zoom reunion they organized last January, they couldn't wait to have another online taikai and see everyone's faces. We'll send a reminder and link a few days out, but in the meantime, mark your calendars and plan to join if you are able. Organizers: Iwanaga Harumichi, Ohyama Nakakatsu, Ichikawa Akira.

1月のZOOMでの新年顔合わせから早くも八ヶ月が過ぎました。東京神殿の再開後に対面でのリユニオンを開催しましょうと話していましたが新型コロナウィルス感染のために、まだ再奉献の予定も立っておりません。ここにきて対面でなくとも取り敢えずZOOMでの開催を望むとの声が上がりました。調整した結果、来る12月4日(土)午前10時からの開催を計画しました。ソルトレイクでは12月3日(金)午後6時になります。参加の有無を返信いただくと幸いです。ZOOM接続先の情報は次の通りです。ミーティングID: 836 5539 3205 パスコード: teruya URL: リンク
世話人: 岩永晴幸, 大山中勝, 市川明


When?  いつ?
USA: After our last reunion (October 2019), when we commemorated 45 years since the mission was organized, we voted to switch from every 5 years to every 2 1/2 years between reunions. The Pandemic hit, but we're still tentatively planning on April 2022. Starting about six or seven months out, we'll send notifications with details and RSVP instructions. 
前回の再会(2019年10月)の後、再会の合間に5年ごとから2年半ごとに切り替えることに投票しました。 パンデミックが発生しましたが、2022年4月に暫定的に計画しています。約6〜7か月後に、詳細と出欠確認の手順を記載した通知を送信します。
Japan: RMs in Japan also organize reunions about once every five years, and once we hear about them, we'll share that information. In January 2021, due to covid (they say corona) they organized a trial Zoom reunion and have now set another for 03 Dec 2021 (see above).
November 2018 Fukuoka Reunion Group Photo - see Reunion Report for who's who
Why not more often?  Yes, we're getting old and yes, we've already lost a few of our fellow RMs. For those who don't live in Utah, traveling to a reunion is a bigger deal - we have found that if we have 'bigger' reunions less often with plenty of notice, more RMs will be able to attend.
How can you help? We have many Teruya-jidai  'Missing RMs' & RMs who haven’t yet updated their RM List profiles on our Site, which is our primary method of contact for reunions.  If they haven't joined us here, they likely will not hear about reunions. You may be the only connection back to them-please roll up your sleves, do a little detective work, and help by contacting them directly to join us here at   Once they've updated their profile here, they'll receive Site notices such as reunion announcements, and their name will automatically drop off the 'Missing' list.