Japanese Language Tips

Admin Note: I've listed a few of my ideas about how to keep up on your Japanese language skills or to help you prepare for a trip back to Japan. If you have other ideas or experiences you'd like to share, Contact Us.

TV Broadcasts:

My latest iteration of keeping up with my Japanese is free - Stream live TV Broadcasts. On the screenshot below, you can see the networks/stations available listed in the left-side column. Though you may not understand much of especially news broadcasts, I find it gets my ears and mind reacquainted with Japanese. I sometimes look up words I hear repeated in a news story, for instance.

a screen shot of a live Japanese news broadcast


If you listen to podcasts, why not add The Konnichiwa Podcast. You can subscribe for your smartphone, or listen to episodes online. Each podcast lasts about 15 minutes and is a half-English, half-Japanese conversation between three individuals living in Japan about a current topic in Japan (Dan (American), Yurie (日本人) and My (Dutch/日本人ancestry). 


Dictionary Apps

My favorie iPhone app is Imi wa?, which unfortunately, I understand it is not available for Android smart phones. You can key in English or Japanese Ro-maji and get a translation as well as sentence examples. Both kanji and hiragana appear.

an iPhone screenshot of "Imi wa?" app - search result for keying in either "tsuyu" in Ro-maji or "rainy season" in English.