Akita 50th 秋田50周年記念祭

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On Saturday, 14 Sep 2019, Akita branch celebrated 50 years since the first missionaries arrived there in 1969. The program was followed by a commemorative photo (above) and a shokuji-kai. Speakers included Akiko Watanabe Checketts, who in her talk reminisced about her baptism in 1973, administered by our own Bruce Abrams. Brother and Sister Shio, who many RMs remember fondly from both Akita and Sendai, also spoke, as did three of the nine Teruya RMs who attended. The meeting was streamed on Facebook Live - video here. (you might have to join that Facebook 50th anniversary group to view).


Teruya RMs who traveled to Akita to participate: Ooyama Nakakatsu, Yamazaki Tsukasa, Kato Kiyoko, Todd Ogaard, Ichikawa Akira, Iwanaga Haruyuki, Ooishi (Takeda) Tamako, Furuhara Isao, Suzuki (Yuasa) Tomiko

<<Program. Ogaard Kyodai's talk detailed two missionaries who opened Akita in 1969, Kent Burton and Kirk Baggaley, who he was able to locate and interview. Kato Shimai and Ichikawa Kyodai spoke about their time serving in Akita. A lovely chorus sang, then Sasaki Kyodai, who was branch president when the meetinghouse was built, and Pres. Fukuda, who was the mission president around that time, spoke. プログラム(左)。オガード兄弟の話は1969年に秋田を開いた宣教師のケント・バートンとカーク・バガリについてでした。オガード兄弟が彼らを追跡してインタビューすることができました。加藤姉妹と市川兄弟は秋田で奉仕した時の話をしてくれました。美しいコーラスの歌後、佐々木元支部会長と福田元伝道部会長は教会堂建築時代の話をしてくれました。

Back row of stand-speakers prior to meeting: (left picture): Akiko Watanabe Checketts, Kato Kiyoko, Ichikawa Akira; (right picture): Todd Ogaard, Shio Shimai & Kyodai - selfie.
集会前、後列に座っていた話者達: (左)チェケッツ・渡辺・明子、加藤喜代子、市川明 (右)トッド・オガード、塩姉妹、塩兄弟
(left): Shokuji-kai, and (right): Shio shimai speaking  (左): 食事会  (右): お話をしている塩姉妹