Darrell J Decker

Profile Updated: September 14, 2014
Mission Start Year: 1973
Now Residing In: Riverdale, UT USA
Spouse/Partner: Laura
Occupation/Retired?: Respiratory Care Practioner
Children/Grandchildren: Jayson born 1978, Rachel born 1980, John born 1984. Grandchildren- Garrison born 2013. Soon to be Gabriel More…and Gideon, Rachel is getting married Oct. 9th.
Yes! Attending Reunion
Areas Served (list each transfer date (MM/YY)): Companions: (try your best-as memories fade, this info helps everyone link names and places-consult your journal-thanks!)
転勤月: 伝道地域 (同僚)

3/73-5-73 Hawaii LTM Dave Bush
5/73-6/73 Sendai Micheal King
6/73-8/73 Sendai Charles Davis
8/73-9/73 Iwamizawa Reid Chambers
9/73-10/73 Iwamizawa Dallan Purser
10/73-1/74 Iwamizawa Robert Carlson
2/74-5/74 Sakata Nishihara Satoshi
5/74-7/74 Sakata Ronald Dalene
7/74-11/74 Kita Sendai Kasada Masateru
11/74-1/75 Morioka Aoyama Kevin Stevenson
1/75-3/75 Ishinomaki William Shiba

Mission Story:

I loved my mission and loved Japan. The Missionaries were great, the people were great, the food was great. It was a wonderful opportunity to have 3 Mission Presidents. I look fondly back upon 3 dendobuchos, but didn't necessarily appreciate it at the time. I have always struggled with the fact that there weren't any successes when it came to someone being converted that I taught, but I wouldn't change serving in Japan for the world. The above 3 things I mentioned made it all worth it. Thank you all for that.