Leo W Eastman II

Profile Updated: February 25, 2024
Mission Start Year: 1977
Now Residing In: Davis County, UT USA
Spouse/Partner: Melinda
Occupation/Retired?: MBA. Business. Retired in January, 2020. Involved in various businesses and then worked for the church. Enjoying retirement time with family service and striving to fulfill church callings and etc. Future plans include striving to endure to the end. :)
Children and Grandchildren: Four children, two girls and two boys. (One son is in heaven having
passed away at 16 months old.)

Five More…grandchildren, three girls and two boys.
Areas Served (list each transfer date (MM/YY)): Companions: (try your best-as memories fade, this info helps everyone link names and places-consult your journal-thanks!)
転勤月: 伝道地域 (同僚)

Areas: Sendai Minami, Aizuwakamatsu, Haramachi, Sendai Kita, Mission Home.

Companions: -Sendai Minami: (Ariizumi, Jacobsen, Kimmel).

-Aizuwakamatsu: (Kaneko, Wall).

-Haramachi: (Aiizawa, Crook, Felt.)

-Sendai Kita: (Brady, Threesome with O'Brian/Boyer for short
time until call to Mission Home.)

-Mission Home - last 7 months: (AP Johnson, AP Jenson, AP

{Photo above in right corner was taken by Elder Fred Stewart at the Taikai with Elders McConkie and Kikuchi. I'm in the upper left corner of the picture, and would like to know all others in the photo. Please send what you remember. Thank you.}

Mission Story:

So thankful for mission experiences. Great companions and great Japanese people.

President Teruya was the President when I arrived. He fulfilled his three years and was replaced by President Kwak shortly thereafter.

One experience was being called as an assistant by President Richard D S Kwak from his hospital bedside as he was preparing to be released early because of his newly discovered terminal stomach cancer. President Sakai came to the mission soon thereafter, just two weeks after he was called by then Elder Boyd K. Packer. All wonderful leaders. Having family living on the same island, I was able to see President Kwak and his family in Hawaii for a few days after the mission. President Kwak passed away in August 1980 at the age of 58.
(P.S. That seems so young now that I am old!)

Posted: Nov 18, 2023 at 6:05 PM