Bruce D Abrams

Profile Updated: November 4, 2023
Mission Start Year: 1973
Now Residing In: Preston, ID USA
Occupation/Retired?: Retired. Sign installer
Children and Grandchildren: Children: Jared b. 1979, Kristina b. 1981, Jason b. 1982, Chad b. 1985, Cody b. 1988, and, Kristina More…b. 1991.

Grandchildren: Mia, Cole, Ammon, Zoey, Madison, Hallee, Hudson, Gabriel, Kristen, Preston, Lyda, Lily, Liam, Kairi, Morgan, Braken, Kennsley, Trennon, and Oliver. Zoey (2), Zack, Cassidy.
Areas Served (list each transfer date (MM/YY)): Companions: (try your best-as memories fade, this info helps everyone link names and places-consult your journal-thanks!)
転勤月: 伝道地域 (同僚)

LTM 4-73 to 6-75
Akita 6-73 to 12-73 Morrison,Wright,Chambers, Julian.
Morioka 12-73 to 4-74 ??? Holbrook
Ishinomaki 4-74 to 7-74 Lefler
Aomori 7-74 to 10-74. Moulten.
Honbu-Membership clerk- 10-74 to 2-75. Jeffries Johnson.
Sendai-ZL- 2-75 to 4-75. Elmer
Had to change this. I forgot how old I was.....

Mission Story:

There was a wedding in Morioka while I was there. The missionaries did a skit/lip sink to "Pappa Was a Rolling Stone". The members were a little shocked but afterwards they found that the many non-member friends and family had enjoyed it and it helped them realize the missionaries were fairly normal people. (Maybe not the bunch, but in general yes).

I remember the first time I met Elder Tateoka. It was at a taikai in Sapporo. As we walked about town, people stopped us and asked him who we are. He turned to me and I answered. They then asked him futher questions and I would answer. It reminded me of the shock I felt we I first arrived. (He got over it quickly).

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Jan 11, 2015 at 8:47 AM

We are encouraged to use social media to share the gospel. The words to this song talk of our Fathers love for us. Today's priesthood lesson triggered the thoughts.

He Smiles and Loves You
The baby's sick. It’s cold outside.
Your hair’s a mess. You’d like to hide.
Are lunches made? You’re not quite sure.
Doesn’t matter now. Kids are out the door.
It’s days like this it’s hard to see
The light ahead that’s meant to be.
The storms may come and make you blue.
Remember this, He smiles and loves you.
The sun is bright shining down its golden light
On the kids at play. Your heart swells at the sight.
The flowers bloom. It is spring it’s true.
Today life’s little trials don’t bother you.
On days like this it’s plain to see
The light ahead that’s meant to be.
The storms are gone. The sky is blue.
Remember still. He smiles and loves you.
The years have passed. Some up and some down.
Some days you’ve smiled. Some days you’ve worn a frown.
Yes, life has passed. Loved ones have come and gone.
It is the fall of life and still you’re not alone.
In the fall of life it may be hard to see.
But there’s that light ahead that’s still meant to be.
After life’s storms and trials the life ahead is new.
His is forever love, God always love you.
Do you still love him?

Oct 13, 2014 at 9:40 PM

Normally I am more active on social media, but this week I have been slow to respond. I would like to personally thank Todd for his efforts in our behalf. Some would think it is just the organizing of reunions, but for me it is much more. I always enjoy knowing how old friends are doing. The missionaries from the Japan Sendai Sendai fall into that category. We shared experiences that bind us together in a special way.By setting up this page, by blessed my life. I know others have been involved in this, but Todd has been the spearhead. Thank you Todd.

Sep 25, 2014 at 6:55 PM

I am an avid Facebook post-er. Sometimes I post frivoulous nothings. Sometimes I post messages that have been running through me head that I feel might benefit others to think about. I feel that this is a great way to follow the messages we have been hearing lately to share the gospel through social media. I would welcome any of you from the Japan Sendai mission who would be inclined share your thoughts about life to join me on regular facebook as well as here on.

My Bishop posted one of Elders Oak's photos showing his missionary wall. I enjoyed it enough that I did a count to see how my mother stacks up. Her map would be every bit as impressive with 33 of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren having served. If you add in spouses, you pick up another 11. The stone has been cut from the mountain.....

Sep 12, 2014 at 9:18 AM

I was looking at Borup Choro's bike picture and was reminded how siilly we must have looked on those small bikes. I know I use to sit on the rack on the back fender of mine in Akita so I would fit better. With the weight shift, I could do a wheelie for blocks.

Sep 09, 2014 at 7:46 AM

For any who might have been following this ordeal I finally have the video I have been trying to load on here. It can also be found on Youtube under"Will I Know You".

Words and Music by Bruce Abrams
Posted: Sep 09, 2014 at 7:42 AM

Will I Know You

Words and Music by Bruce Abrams